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July Newsletter

As another financial year comes to a close, we would like to once again to publicly acknowledge our wonderful financial supporters.

Firstly, our very sincere thanks must go once again to Sunshine Coast Council who, through Community Partnership Funding, contributes a substantial grant towards our Rent, Insurance, Ongoing Maintenance and Communications. We are very grateful for Council’s support over the years, as the provision of monies from this grant helps to free up funds to go towards the purchase of the latest release books from all genres. These genres are covered in Ordinary Print, Large Print and Audio Books, all of which are very much appreciated by our readers, including the recipients of our Books on Wheels service which operates in all weather on alternate Thursdays all through the year.

Secondly, our thanks must go to the Federal Government Department of Social Services for a grant received from Volunteer Grants 2015. A large portion of this was directed towards helping our volunteers with their fuel costs. A new Vacuum cleaner was purchased, along with 2 new chairs to make our volunteer reception workers more comfortable. New ceiling fans were installed in both the library and our upstairs workroom. These were very well received by our reception staff and other librarians, volunteer book repairers and book sale workers, particularly during our long, hot summer.

We also purchased an urn, 2 ceramic moveable heaters, fire extinguishers for upstairs and downstairs, an offsite portable external hard drive and internet security. It is wonderful to be able to help our volunteer workers by making their working conditions more comfortable and to provide them with up to date technology.

Without the help of our Local, State and Federal Governments, we would find it difficult to continue to serve the needs of our local community and once again we thank them most sincerely.


  Library News

This week local business Static Electrics finished installing our new fans in the library and our upstairs workroom. This was made possible by a grant from the Australian Government Department of Social Services Volunteer Grants 2015 Programme. Under this grant we have also been able to update our poor old vacuum cleaner and will shortly have some much-needed and long-awaited new chairs for our volunteers so that they will be able to carry out their duties in comfort. Thank you to The Hon. Christian Porter MP, Minister for Social Services.

We look forward to seeing you in the Library soon.

August Newsletter

Acknowledgment of our Wonderful Supporters

As we approach the end of another financial year for our library, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank our supporters for their very generous support, both financial and in kind, over the last year.
Thanks to a large grant from the Office of Liquor and Gaming, we added many wonderful new large print and audio books to our collection, an addition which has been very enthusiastically received by all of our members. Importantly, these have been very gratefully welcomed by the elderly, visually impaired and housebound members of our community, some of whom receive Books on Wheels, delivered by some of our very dedicated volunteers, every second Thursday. We are constantly told that our ladies (and our newest volunteer, a gentleman) are some of the people that they watch out for with great anticipation.
We once again gratefully acknowledge the assistance we receive from the Sunshine Coast Council through their Community Partnership Funding Programme. Their ongoing financial support towards our insurance, rent, communications and maintenance costs is an enormous help towards our being able to make available to our members the very latest books over all genres, some of which are fiction, mystery, biographies, travel and history. Most of these books are supplied weekly by Books of Buderim, as we really do try to keep our money supporting local business.
At this point, we would also like to acknowledge the Minor Grant supplied by Sunshine Coast Council which made it possible for us to re-carpet our library. This was a long-overdue project and it is a real pleasure to walk into the library for our shifts and be greeted by that ‘new’ smell. We also wish to thank Suncoast Carpet Services who reduced the price to us in order to make it affordable. Thanks also to members from Buderim Muscle and Buderim Men’s Shed for providing the muscle-power to move books and shelves over a weekend so that the library could close for the minimum amount of time necessary for the work to be completed. Many hours of time, muscle and energy was also provided by our tireless volunteers and their partners and families.
Another wonderful supporter, local member for Buderim, Steve Dickson, MP, made available a very generous donation through National Volunteers Week to enable us to produce a new brochure. This is the first time that we have had a professionally designed and printed brochure which is a pleasure to hand to people. It has been very well received and a number of people have said that they joined the library after reading it.
Finally, a big thank you to our volunteers – without you we would not still be operating after almost 130 years. From very humble beginnings in 1887, it is a pleasure to still be serving the community of Buderim and the surrounding area.

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