Welcome to the Buderim Library Association Inc

19fpw_libraryWEB_t460The Buderim Library is committed to providing excellent library and information services to all residents of and visitors to Buderim. Our key goals are to build stronger inclusive communities, to provide access to learning and literacy to all and to encourage a lifelong love of reading.

It is with great pleasure that we extend library services to any members who are unable to physically access the library. Books on wheels will ensure you have your books delivered and picked up on a fortnightly basis from our extensive collection of ordinary print, large print and audio books.

The Buderim Library relies on its team of volunteers to provide library services to housebound individuals, aged care facilities and community groups.

It is our hope that you value and enjoy the relationship you develop with our volunteer team.

The Buderim Library, on the corner of Main Street and Gloucester Road in Buderim, is a community organisation run solely by volunteers.

The library has an excellent range of books, with new releases purchased weekly by the organisation.
These include all your favourite genres:


3 Main St Buderim - QLD 4556
(07) 5445 3779